The initial countdown

Since the last update, the feelers have gone out in search of testers. Testers that aren’t afraid to put a blindfold on and go elbows deep into a vat of mystery. OK, so it’s not actually a vat of mystery and there is no blindfold involved (Mr Darcy) but it’s...Read more
To infinite loop and beyond

To infinite loop and beyond

Bit of bad news. While going through the checklist today, preparing for the first upload of the beta system I found an error with user groups and pages. Not a problem, as I back up the system at least once a week. Reinstate an old copy – good to go....Read more

It’s coming home! No, live. It’s going live.

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. And since starting 2 years ago, UNRGRND has grown into something great (a great drain on my expendable income and an arse ache, but I think it’s great). After hitting it hard,...Read more
80% is Beta than 79%

80% is Beta than 79%

Development is chugging along at a slow and painful steady pace. Since the last update, a few minor improvements have been made, mostly around user profiles and connecting network sections together via a single user profile (SSO basically for any tech fiends). On top of this, major sections have been...Read more

Untitled Version 2

The past few weeks have been a bit up and down. One of the main sections of the network hasn’t worked as it should have (a paid addition, too) which has right royally pissed me off. After being in touch with the development team I ended up having to throw...Read more

I would fix 500 bugs..

As posted to Instagram, my MacBook has broken and I can’t seem to get the SSD working again. I think it’s physically damaged and beyond recovery so there goes all my hard work 😓.. what I would say had I not experienced a similar thing before and learnt a...Read more

88mph doesn’t seem that far off… does it? 🤔

Every now and then, I do have a momentary crisis and think I’ll never be able to get this project done on my own.  But then I remember all the other things I’ve done in the past, especially building a mobile first LMS system and app which is locked to...Read more

Welcome to the club

Just a quick one – the first email is live! Sort of.. When signing up to the mailing list, an email will be automatically sent to the subscriber saying thanks. Check it out by clicking here! If you(‘ve) subscribe(d), it’ll be in your inbox soon 😉Read more

Episode 5: the nameless entry

Remember when Ted Cruz was running for Governor or something in America and he released a speech titled ‘This is the Zodiac speaking’ and the internet went mad accusing him of being the Zodiac Killer? That bitch was like, 2 or something when the Zodiac Killer was doing his thing....Read more

Hey [about]! Here’s an update!

There’s nothing I love more than a pointless rant, and as this is my solo blog I’m ranting. There’s nothing I detest more than Take That. Don’t get me wrong, individually they’re fine. But 5 grown men in a boy band? I have my suspicions. But following on as a...Read more