The initial countdown

Since the last update, the feelers have gone out in search of testers. Testers that aren’t afraid to put a blindfold on and go elbows deep into a vat of mystery. OK, so it’s not actually a vat of mystery and there is no blindfold involved (Mr Darcy) but it’s...Read more
80% is Beta than 79%

80% is Beta than 79%

Development is chugging along at a slow and painful steady pace. Since the last update, a few minor improvements have been made, mostly around user profiles and connecting network sections together via a single user profile (SSO basically for any tech fiends). On top of this, major sections have been...Read more

Errors errors everywhere..

Since the last update, the localhost site has gone through a fair bit of trouble. First of all, the mobile responsive menu stopped working which required a fair amount of trial and error to get working again, the registration pages are built and working but the MVC is returning the...Read more