It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally there.
UNDRGRND is built, and I’m putting together the final parts.  It’s a strange thing, looking at the final product.  Almost surreal.

But it’s all there and slowly but surely the final 10% is coming together smoothly so far.  I need to register as a formal company and once I have that done, I can open the site up to sales and let people use it.

I’m not expecting it to be like *boom* ~everyone uses it~ as I need to pay for advertising and whatnot first to get the word out there, plus the formal launch further down the line.
Hire a venue somewhere, get them on board with an account, do some give aways and the likes.. but that’s next steps after registration and soft launch.

If I haven’t announced the formal web address yet, it’s and the site is live at that address, plus a few subdomains for the academy, store, .. music I think?  Events I think has a subdomain?  I can’t remember it all now but its to make things easier and smoother rather than have massive addresses like “” – easier use object oriented on a subdomain.

I’m seriously tired and probably shouldn’t write when I’m tired but oh well.

There’ll be another announcement further down the line inviting people to sign up and so on.

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