What’s better than sitting at home on a lazy Sunday, building a network and listening to Norah Jones?
Literally anything else.

Last update was mostly around using other tools to get stuff done and I’ve already forgotten it even though I literally just read it.
In the last few weeks, a few things have changed and things have moved on nicely for a change.

Firstly, the ThisIsUnderground.co.uk information site has been updated with a better layout and design.  I’ve also put together a holding/coming soon website for the main URL which is still to be announced.  (I would say what it is but I’m so sick of bots sending me emails for viagra and payday loans).

In other news, I’ve been playing with the idea of subdomains for the network instead of subsites, rebranded Live Rail for a new purpose, in the process of rebranding the podcasts too so the Station to Station name can also be repurposed, and redesigned the UNDRGRND Tunnel Vision video portal.  Mostly design, but also a few things in the background to make these possible.

One thing I have done which I’m super excited about (although my resting bitch face would say otherwise) is a booking system for rehearsal and recording studios.
Instead of just contacting the owners of the businesses, give businesses the option to streamline it further and take online bookings as part of the Business package.

There is still a fair way to go, but the end is in sight now.  I’ve managed to get past a number of obstacles and in a way, the site is ready to launch for some parts of user testing but I’d rather hold off and release everything at once if I can.
Except the app.  That’s going to take some time to continue building.

The Trello board is now down to roughly 10 cards of things to do – two of which are priority, the other eight are ongoing/low priority which is a real boost.
There are a number of other cards on the benches, but these are mostly larger ongoing projects such as the emails, UNDRGRND Academy, and some tech things such as downtime monitor, cookies and tracking etc.

There’s also a new teaser video up on the UNDRGRND Facebook and Instagram pages, and will also be on the new holding sites too when I get round to uploading it to these.

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