I’ve spent the better part of the past week getting back to my roots in a way – listening to old music, doing old hobbies, watching old films and so on and I’ve found its really helped mentally.
I did want to dig my old Line 6 Spider IV 75w out of the loft and my PRS Torero but maybe next week.

Anyway.  Previous updates have mentioned all the issues I’ve been having recently and that it’s been putting me off working and so on.
After doing some research, I’ve found a number of people in the same boat I’m in; in that the membership script I’ve been using hasn’t worked for other people.  So I took their advice and am currently trying another script which I did try a long time ago (about 12-18 months ago) and so far it seems to have fixed half the issues I was having, although there are some new teething issues.

My point is, hindsight is a valuable thing.  If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have binned off one for the other, thinking ‘its too good to be true!’ because it was too good to be true.  And now I’m paying for it.  Figuratively and literally.

Every cloud as always – the new membership script is just that.  A membership script.  Which leaves me without a social script, which is where another one has slotted in beautifully.

I’m still going through the list of things to repair and connect together to get them to work seamlessly (as well as remove excess traces of the other script which seems to have gotten everywhere.  It’s like glitter.) but the half hour or so I was testing them together seems to work so far.

Saying that, nothing in this project has been smooth so I’m not keeping my hopes up(!).

Aside from that, I’ve taken the bit of downtime to start writing some articles for the site.  So far, I have .. 3 I think, finished, and another 2 underway.
Each day I think of something else I could write about and jot it down – so much so that I’ve invested in a proper writing app across my devices which has really helped. Start on one, finish up on another.  It’s great!

I don’t want to go down a ‘news’ style route as there are hundreds of music news sites out there and why compete when I can fill the niche that has been overlooked?
Of course there is always the option of coming back to that at a later stage, but right now I think articles and blog style posts are the best thing for UNDRGRND.  We’ll see.

Nearly March and I’m no further forward in this project it feels, but hopefully fixing this membership issue will sort a lot of things out and knock the trello board sideways.
There’s still a lot on there, especially stuff for later dates, but with all these issues mounting up, I’ve just been adding them on and thinking ‘I’ll come back to that.  I’ll come back to that, too’ 🤷

Didn’t win anything in the giveaway for merch, but I did think about what merch I could do when the time comes.  Few hats, long sleeve tshirts,.. maybe more down the musical instument and accessory route and putting them in a branded rucksack.  All these things cost money and money is tight at the moment.

Well, back to the old grindstone and to keep figuring out these issues and ways around them.  Until next time.

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