Get it?  Episode IV: A New Hope?  But it’s a joke?  Ok.

I’ve been thinking about a way around this issue with memberships, researching alternatives and costs etc.  but the developer in charge of the current one said they’re not fixing the conditional issue right now which must mean they will at some point, surely?

I was literally 3 clicks away from buying a new replacement and I thought ‘do I need the conditional right now?  Can I do it differently?’ so right now I’m looking at replacing the conditional fields with an alternative but without any user input.

Not a simple thing as user location is a pretty central point to all this – without that, might as well just say “I’m in the UK but I can’t see Highgate Wood from my window.”
My alternative is that another part of the site uses Google to get user location; prompting users to enter a location and Google does the rest.
With the way its set up, in theory I could use this as the main point of getting user location and prompt users to enter something else at sign up/in a profile field to get location in user search.

It’s not ideal but it fixes the conditional issue by removing it entirely from the equation.

Maybe after sign up, prompt users to create a post in the finder part of the network as a … sort of CV for others to find? Link that back to the user profile where the user can enter as much or little detail as they like..
In theory that would assist with security on user location etc, add in the profile security and privacy options you don’t have to give out much information until the user accepts a request.

Kind of using this as a sounding board now, don’t know why I’m typing it but oh well.

In other news, I’ve written one article so far, working on another few for the site. Wouldn’t say any of it is groundbreaking but I think it’s quality stuff for the site.

Still working away at getting other points crossed off of the Trello board, still some way to go, and I’ve also entered a competition with Awesome Merchandise to win £250 or £2000 worth of free merch! So if I win, there will be some give aways of branded stuff!  No idea what yet – see if I win and cross that bridge when it comes to it.
Hope I do though, could really do with a small win in life.  Even if it is a literal win.

I’m still struggling to find the enthusiasm to carry on with this but I’m getting there. Got some other stuff to focus on after getting main points out of the way.

Alright, I’ve run out of stuff to say so signing off and give the above a shot.  Hopefully it’ll work and I won’t have any problems but nothing is straightforward.

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