Dev Wars II:  Attack of the Moans

What’s the happy-haps, people?  I’ll tell you what’s the happy-haps.  Me.  Well, no actually – that’s a lie.  Sort of.  I’m back on meds and my GP has referred me to the local mental health and welfare group 🤷

Short version is someone at work in the mental health team keeps saying ‘go see your GP’ so I did.  Just didn’t expect my GP to react the way they did but hey-ho I’m getting help.

Anyway.  On with the update.  Which relates to the 18th update – a Brucie Bonus Update.

As previously posted, new timeframe blah blah – that’s also gone out the window.
The membership script I’ve been using is still not working and I’ve had to make a pretty tough decision; stick with it and hope it gets repaired before launch or source an alternative.
Spoiler alert:  It’s the latter.

So now I’m researching what I can replace it with, what’s best for the network, what the costs and ramifications are and how what the chosen one can do to tie in with the rest of the network.  All fun and games until someone sticks two fingers up and blows a raspberry, eh?


I’ve spent a bit of time looking in to a straight swap between the current and a new alternative (ie. Transferring data, conditional logic trees, least impact basically) and it looks like I can do this with one alternative so hopefully won’t take too long to implement.


But again, cost is a factor and I don’t want to have to go through all this again in 6 months’ time.

Every cloud though – by removing the current script, I can use some of the other old and redundant scripts to build a secondary platform allowing users to create their own sites and pages and monetise them? Just a though at this point.  Nothing set in stone.

There’s a new documentary on Netflix about the Fyre festival which is unbelievable.  If you haven’t seen it, I strongly advise it.  It was a complete shower.

Part of it touched on the application they were building in conjunction with the festival to celebrate the launch of said app, which some experts stated would have been a game changer.

Oddly enough, it’s similar to the premise of UNDRGRND.  Funny, that.

Might have to flex the old meme muscles and use Fyre in some future posts..

Ok.  New time scale?  I knew you’d ask.  (probably didn’t ask but here it is anyway.)
There isn’t one.

I am one person.  Building this platform on my own.  I am bootstrapping the entire thing, all the money going in to this is my own personal wage from a full-time job and I cannot keep going the way I am.

Outside of this, I’m also trying to move 300 miles away, find the money to get a degree, and set up a new life.

This started as a small side project back in like, 2012? And I have to put it back to that.

So much has gone in to this to make sure it’s done ‘on time’ but I have no-one waiting.  No backers, no eager customers, no partner (forever alone), no bank loans, nothing.

It’s nearly done.  I’ve got a lot done in such a short amount of time on this project, taking the above in to consideration, and I need to focus on other things right now.

I’ll keep working, and fixing, and complaining, but not as often.


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