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You ever played Tropico?  I used to play that game religiously.  Build a little paradise island, make everyone happy, rename the cows.. heaven. 

As usual, things have gone wrong and I am literally 1 bad thing away from ending it all.  Life included.

Some stuff has been updated by the developer, so gone to include it in the site and nothing has changed.  Literally nothing has changed.  All the errors I brought up with them, including the god damn code I submitted has all been ignored in favour of making changes to a payment gateway?  What’s the point in that!?  Jesus.  I don’t know how much money I have spent on this god damn thing but to completely ignore your paid customer and not fix anything? I can’t, I… I just.. I..

Anyway.  Upshot of it all is, get rid of the current membership script, start again, ask for a refund and then shoot myself in the head get a replacement 🙂
I keep having bouts of anxiety over this project, but then I remember “I can just replace it or kill myself” and I feel OK again. Not even joking.  

I was hoping that one week away from February I would have the VPS set up, initial candidate release uploaded, testers selected and ready to go; instead I’m fixing a fundamental core part of the project because some people care more about money than product.  No names, naming the .. culprit isn’t businesslike.  Not that I’m businesslike with this project at all.

Aside from all that, everything else is the same still.  I’ve been in contact with a few providers to get issues fixed and that’s been the main thing last few days/week or so.

I’m also re-doing my CV and looking to relocate within the UK which is also taking time away from this, but that’s a long term thing.  Oh, and I’ve got another stomach ulcer which is fun.
Hasn’t burst (yet) like the first one, but it’s there.  Like a little companion.  *sings Toy Story theme*

First podcast is being sorted too – track list and VO artist underway.  Initially intended to have a guest mix but I think that’d be best a bit further down the line.

Not going to lie, I mean at this point the site is technically ready to go.  I can’t say too much more though, or even release it because of the membership error.  But it’s at a point where I can begin the next phase of testing which is nice.

After this (hopefully small) hiccup is the Academy.  The Academy is a sub section of the main site, in a way its own entity, but running off the same foundation for single sign on and payments.
This update is an absolute mess.



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