Bruce’s Price is Extortionately High

Holy shit, my neighbours kid is crying/screaming and I’m considering calling the UN Peace Makers.

Anyway – it’s rant time!  Have you ever been so far as to even see the prices of some legal documents?  I mean, I know there’s a lot to the law in the UK (RIP EU membership even though leaving just means we take everything from the last 40 years and none of the amendments moving forward) but sweet Jesus.   £200 for a GDPR document!? I’d write it myself but I’m lazy.

I could go and see my local Citizens Advice Bureau but I know they’ll just palm me off with some ‘we don’t help with businesses here.  Try contacting my legal firm instead’ bullshit.

On top of that I also have web hosting, code, business registration and taxes, as well as other compliance based legal frameworks to battle with.  In total, although I haven’t kept a proper record, building UNDRGRND has cost me well into a few grand at this point.

Monthly webhosting – £15 (x..18 months?) £270
Base code files – (maybe £40 each, at least 30 so far including ones not used) £1,200
I’m not doing any more.  I watched Bird Box and will also jump out a window if I continue.

Image result for bird box gif

My point is, I have spent so much and now I’m into the final few things it’s like “top kek, kid.  Forget the wallet, we’ll just punch you in the dick and take your house :).  Real ale after, John? Real ale? Yum yum.”
What kind of jumped up 21-year old nobody rants about ‘real ale’ as if they grew up in a brewery.  Bitch, please.  You were probably drinking lifted vodka from your parents in some woods, listening to shitty music out of a tinny bluetooth speaker before getting caught by the feds.  ‘I drink real ale’.  Bullshit punks.

Aside from that, things are progressing somewhat smoothly at the moment – smooth because I haven’t had time to work.  I’ve been looking at hosts and who offers what at the best cost for resources, scoured Fiverr for a reasonable V/O artist to do some stuff for podcasts, and thought about press release packs and giveaways for release date.
As if this hasn’t cost me enough yet.

Again no timeframes.  It’ll be done when it’s done at this point.  I don’t want to keep rushing things and trying to cut corners – it doesn’t work and just means I have more to do.

Trello is down to legal stuff, article writing, and user submissions framework.  Pretty straightforward on paper, hard as nails (as above) in reality.
Oh, and sales.  Started putting together the other side of user adverts.  Currently got two bits down, adding in a generic retail and sales option for businesses or anyone with continuous stock.

Once all thats done, main focus will be the academy and podcasts.  User submitted events is currently on hold as I’m overhauling it before implementing.

480 word count.  Going to get this to 500 before signing off. For no proper reason, just housekeeping.  And that’s it done.

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