There is no title – only the endless cries of the damned

Past few days I’ve hit everything pretty hard so I can get to a point where I’m ready to release at Beta level.
It’s back on!  I’ve learnt from my mistakes and using the Q word at work, I will not say it.  But the old timeline is more .. feasible .. at this present time .. given the events .. of the past few days .. as opposed to .. the .. current .. amended schedule? If that makes sense?

It feels like every time I’m like ‘Yes! X is finished! I can do Y or Z!’ then X comes back like ‘no, bitch.  I brought friends to shit on your parade.’ and proceeds to stick its dick so firmly in the toaster, it has to be surgically removed (something breaks and takes loads of other stuff with it).

As the saying goes, “it gets harder before it gets easier” or some motivational bull like that.  More de-motivational – do I want to work harder?  God, no.  I’d rather work smarter.
Better saying is the old Bill Gates quote – “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” and I did just that by copy and pasting that quote.

Suck it, life.  Take your sour lemons and suck it.

On the topic of demotivated, I am feeling excruciatingly demotivated today.  Probably burnt out after Christmas and going back to work, got one day off, back in for one, off one, back for three, off two,.. and to add insult to injury, the day off in leu of working Christmas Eve I can’t take until Feb/March time as my colleagues part time rota doesn’t allow me any leave “because we need at least one at each station”.  I’m ranting.

I can understand why people also say ‘stay in school’ – yeah.  Never f’ing leave.  Don’t adult.  Say no to social etiquettes and normalities – it’s a lie.  Win the lottery, live off garlic bread and tequila in the south of France until you die at the ripe old age of 42 from alcohol related illness.  #Freedom.

Back to the point.  The featured image is a screenshot of the newly designed home page.  There’s some stuff under the login bar, but after that not too much at the moment.  Dynamically generated content will eventually be there depending on the logged in user.  Because everyone loves a personalised experience.

Back off the point, why is Christmas such a long time?  Media and retail almost force people to start celebrations in September, then as soon as 25 December comes around, they’re like ‘Right.  That’s it.  Everything away – Easter is in 14 weeks and we haven’t got much time.  Have you ever seen the 2011 animated classic ‘Hop’? We’re going to dedicate an entire channel to playing it 24/7′.
My grandmother died a week before Christmas.  Not this Christmas though.  2009.

I’m not even drunk or whatever.  Been teetotal since October 2017 aside from a beer at my sisters wedding and another with Eurovision 2018.  I have no idea how to categorise the mood I’m in.
Not happy, not sad,.. chronically depressed but nothing unusual there.

Back to the point Part 2:  I’ll continue with the beta release, sort out the final hosting in the next few weeks, upload the final site etc.  do another blog post at some point.  Eh.

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