I’ve only just logged in and already forgotten what I was going to type.

Couldn’t have been that important, I suppose.
OK – so.  Update time!

fren time






The last update was a bit of a cop out and I apologise.  The main reason for that is all the dev problems I’ve had as well as the stresses over the past few months (applying for new jobs (getting to interview then not getting them), wedding, two family birthdays AND Christmas to worry about to name a few) got too much and my mental health was impacted pretty hard.
Depression got worse and I lost interest in working on this project, and if I’m brutally honest, I’m still not interested but I know it won’t get done unless I actively do it.

Instead of just hiding away, I have done some admin in the background and got a new timeline to work on so Beta release is being pushed back again, if it goes to Beta at all.
I’m pretty happy with most of it, happy that end user issues are part of any dev build and I’m trying to catch as many issues as I can as I go.

New timeline is pretty much:
Christmas 2018
Minor updates and system checks
Backups and archiving

New Year 2019/Early Jan ’19
Server build and alpha upload
Bi-weekly backups and caching

Feb 2019
Finalising settings and server/system build
Migration and backups
Weekly/daily backups and caching
CDN build/caching

March 2019
V1.0.x release and minor testing
V1.0.x updates and fix releases

April 2019
Closed Pro Plus/Business uploads and content release

And that’s it so far 🤷 of course, this is subject to change and there’s a lot of admin stuff I haven’t included in this such as legal requirements (GDPR) and registrations for finances etc.
On top of this, the first podcast(s) will be out, and I’m hoping I’ll have time to get the charts up and running too, hopefully include some OC!

As it stands, Trello board currently has 8 priority, 13 major errors, 11 minors/fixes, 5 page builds, and 17 in the update/releases list.
Over time and as I get these fixed and ready to go, these updates will become a bit bigger and more information on these will be released.

That’s all for now – broadcast ends 12:23; any patrols to acknowledge.  ..*silence*..  Nothing heard.  Control out.

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